Airlines, airports, stadiums and just about every type of venue are looking at ways to protect their people and verify identity of those entering their facilities.  With the introduction of Covid-19, now companies are looking for ways to increase their security in a touchless manner.

  • Airlines are looking to identify their customers by face or finger to reduce the touchpoints with their employees and create a seamless, frictionless travel experience.
  • Airports are looking for better ways to secure access to the sterile areas, and help with traveler interactions from the parking garage, to rental cars, to food courts.
  • Stadiums and concert venues are looking for meaningful ways to open their operations back up to the public and not only know who is attending, but knowing they are who they say they are.

While biometrics have been increasing their importance, they are not without controversy as well.  Congress has scrutinized the various modes of biometrics, local governments and privacy groups are all weighing in.  Building a biometric strategy involves taking all of these pieces into consideration.

Let us help you build out that strategy.