Liam Connolly – Principal Consultant

Liam Connolly is a seasoned professional within the aviation security market.  Liam has over 25 years advocating for, consulting on, and creating aviation security policy.  Liam has served in both the public and private sector in his career working for trade associations, corporations, and at the highest levels of the Federal Government. Liam currently holds a TS-SCI clearance from the Transportation Security Administration. 

Most recently Liam was the Director of Commercial Business Development for IDEMIA North America, focused on biometric strategies for airports, airlines, and commercial sectors such as stadiums, theme parks, and cruise lines. Prior to IDEMIA, Liam had taken a turn in public service serving as the Sr. Counselor to TSA Administrator Pekoske.  In that role, Liam oversaw the development and deployment of critical checkpoint technologies such as the Credential Authentication Technology (CAT), and the Computed Tomography (CT) imaging machines. He also oversaw the expansion of the wildly successful TSA K-9 program, along with development of commercial aviation security policy.   Liam spent 10 years at the Regional Airline Association overseeing the security, emergency response and environmental needs of over 20 airlines.   In that capacity Liam was recognized as a leader in the aviation security community and was repeatedly appointed to the Aviation Security Advisory Committee which advised and directed TSA on key initiatives.  Additionally Liam was selected as a charter member of the Air Domain Intelligence and Integration Cell (ADIAC) helping bridge the gap between the commercial aviation community, and the intelligence community leading to better actionable intelligence for the aviation community, and better industry understanding for the intelligence community. 

Previously Liam had spent time in various positions advocating on behalf of the aerospace and defense industry, including as a professional staffer for a member of Congress.

Liam currently resides in Mequon, WI with his wife, two children and their black lab.  As a new resident of Wisconsin, Liam and family are enjoying exploring their new home, visiting all corners of the state, and trying find the best cheese curds.